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Works 2008-2017

Caps lock (lowercase) access 4 no. 12 (Access 12), 2017

Performance presented in several volumes according to time slots based on irregularities found in my heartbeats

“An event that has already taken place takes place


And onto and on the tracks/ into the water, and in one version never caming back, split open, too open, open, op., opens the new paper, on the line, on the wrong track, soaked in varuhus fluids, several otters, and it wasn't true, and how true was that that a scar that, a photograph on my broken and absent mind and lost or lost computer , the year, that earth seen from a year, the variable dimensions, ephemerality-ephemerally persons I haven't ever met in person, those I have, had, a reverberating unspoken bond with (lost in a mouth) who are all very well lustful domestic reflections of my selves, cells, ew, who, and my own “gone forever Ages ago” and/or sleeping: 

the water, would’ve gone and gone away and have been "be gone away" forever, would have been lost and been gone forever, I've had that type, Pepsi, pepsisth, sealed, porcelain, displayed next to exported copies of the statues, next to svaragerskold surrealist drawings or unsure if this is printmaking, all named after popular sodas, all dead or drying, stacked on top of each other in memory, in memorial, memorium, ad memorius, domino, in the shallow waters of childhood Holmes corner garden,

text but it doesn't say or, it says continue quit, and then it says two more things, slipping through my hands, paws and claws, table, not so much these days, but at night, its sedative low carb qualities irresistible, the scanian tiger striped side fat, whispers your name.?, it makes a lot of intuitive sense that it's darker at night, more feelie, I try to hide from the moon, the moon is so far away, no it’s not”

Writing Hemo for Moating Take, 2015-2016

Video (lost)

A self-referential video/performance work once stored in several photographs, audio recordings, sculpture/prop-hybrids, and videos produced and found between 2015-2016. One of its several departure points was an investigation of its means of production and intention through a reconstruction of its past in the present. Reproductive conditions were circuited through infiltrating an unattainable mansion from a found copy of the magazine Connoisseur (a lifestyle magazine exclusive to Swedish citizens with an annual income larger than 1.9 mil. SEK) which doubles as a script as garden statues and fountains were casted as that which outlines a peninsula. Its soundtrack was recorded in a medically-supervised choking game, supervised by a medical student rumoured to have spent their childhood in an infamous historical politician's summer house. 

Selected works 2014-2016