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Christofer Degrér

Caps lock (lowercase) access 4 no. 12 (Access 12)


Wednesday oct 20, 2016 and/or 2017

19:00-"20:00"/00.00 varyingly yet consistently arrhythmic? sekvens



An event that has already taken place takes place

at 7(pm: in the evening)

as well as & 19:00 (


 onto and on the tracks/ into the water, and in one version never came back, split open, too open, opens the new paper, on the line, on the wrong track, soaked in varuhus fluids, dragged several otters with him, and it wasn't true, and how true was that that

he has a scar that there is a photograph on my broken and absent mintand lost or lost computer , the year, that earth seen from a year, anbedimensions variable, ephemerality-ephemerally like the persons I haven't ever met in person, those I have a reverberating unspoken bond with( Lost the mouth ) who are all very well lustful domestic reflections of my sels and my own selfimage, gone forever Ages agoand or sleeping: Is she in the water, if I'd let her go, would she have sprida herself out like terrorpowder inside the wind, would she have gone away and have been "be gone away" forever, would she have been lost and been gone forever, I've had that type of brew, Pepsi, insert how I filmed pepsisth, ceramically sealed into a porcelain trophy, displayed next to exported copies of the statues, next to svaragerskold surrealist drawings or unsure if this is printmaking, there are so many here, all named after popular sodas, all dead or drying, stacked on top of each other in memory, in memorial, memorium, ad memorius, domino, in the shallow waters of childhood Holmes corner garden,

Christofer Degrér
Christofer Degrér
Christofer Degrér

one new one eating the fermented corpse of its predecessor, gnawing its bones, digging up the bones, hiding the bones, licking the hands that planted her, underneath my bitten fingernails, black compost and or new soil lines, containing its original version that sustains its copy and copyness, in what I think they think they know is a bit like unearthing itself, the opposite of the harlequinbaby, yet ever so dear and be loved, I miss you a lot, so much in fact I'm afraid I've killed you ten millions of times (a bit of an exagaration, see litteratur and text(])every time Istop thinking about you because when written Then let out, and this is why but then I forget, I'm spared the memory of you, your soft touch, your elbows or knees, that porkrind aroma from your depths of both binary ends, 

Every time I write your name, your name, you day again, a loss of parts of hearts, its adjency to nighttime darknesswith text but it doesn't say or, it says continue quit, and then it says two more things, slip through my hands paws and claws, your flesh on the table, not so much these days, but at night, the pork, its sedative low carb qualities irresistible, the scanian tiger striped side fat, whispers your name.?, it makes a lot of intuitive sense that it's darker at night, more feelie, I try to hide from the moon, the moon is so far away, rising on the horizon, 

Christofer Degrér
Christofer Degrér
Christofer Degrér
Christofer Degrér
Christofer Degrér
Christofer Degrér

Your name written your cross symbol relived, (It's okay to be in livewith something dead. It's okay to be in love with something dead. )

The rise revival, CCR on the boat CCC project born on the bayou, these pages are a slaughterhouse or a haunted mansion, not a sanitarium, but more like a themed one, why do I have to keep on killing you and why are you not gone forever (WHO Arne ypu people and where is my Encompass )If I can get just one advanced grip on the situation, what. Our sititaution is , if I can get just one grip, a direction, a territory map superimposed like some sort of vulcanizing vulcanaizable tracing Frankensteinein paper, directions





Down, fall

And wake up on the artificial shores on that green wild island, all project no Play no 

gutted no machinery no parts no gutted machinery parts no tearful shoulder just a fantastisk robot arm, no Brocken limbs

Then I'd be the right author, the wrong author, than the the wrong righter, 

Or be and or hold my own, 

Write everything into to write myself out, everything figurative, figurines out, feasts for muktiplicicities and in The styre of the voice of the maraton(autocorrect man) of the trailer of the movie joined and based in and fr.o.m. The opacity of ("a"/a) H/history  et al, have the format of the flow and some general public feel to it acknoeledgely available already, (not always ()forever say, 

and the wants to be so that it can squash the flies surrounding, so that it can remove the harbingers omens of decay, the signature black line works fluttering on the marble skin oppressive vitality of the first second third and so on pages in their original context empty and full, acknoeledgly so. 

All of this is also about:

the sake of preserving some sort of lack of experience, some sort of lack or, early or low experience, freshness,,cutting down crustaceans and other insects with a primitive blunt weapon, read tool, this memory, of having not just yet read a certain or differentone or 2: is implanted in a modified state, only after having been altered, from the time of the end, to a preceding time. What is yet to come are the few and many reasons why there also here remains an opening reception, open-end/open-start, which go on to include a quality of hollowness. This is a plot hole, in any case an invite. For realism and exemplification purposes, it shows up right away:

Leave intentionally hollow, do a cliffhanger here, a plot hole, not a twist.



Insert into above segment counted from beginnning.

Animals are plants too

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